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Why India?

Why india ? Why goa ? India's marine products industry is a leading supplier of quality seafood to all major world markets.

India is

  • The largest supplier of Shrimp to USA
  • Having export earnings of US $ 6 billion
  • The second largest aquaculture producer
  • Blessed with a coastline of over 8,118 kms
  • The fourth largest exporter of Shrimp to Japan
  • Producing over 10 million tons fishery resources
  • The second largest exporter of Shrimp to Europe
  • Utilizing only 14% of its aquaculture farming potential

Seafood exports from India during the year 2014 - 2015 reached to an all time high of US$ 5.5 Billion. 106 countries in the world taste Indian seafood, SE Asia, EU, USA, Japan, China and Middle East being the major markets. India has world class seafood processing plants compliant with stringent International Regulatory Requirements.

The surge in the coastal aquaculture shrimp production to over 5 lakh tonnes consistently in the last two years has helped boost the seafood exports from India, according to Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA). India has an installed processing capacity of 23,000 M.T with 506 state-of-the-art processing plants, out of which over 62% of them are EU approved plants.

2020: Targeting $10 Billion Seafood Exports

The market for both Capture & Culture fisheries is huge – both domestic & global. Great demand. Short supply. If we are to bridge the gap, there is need for an annual interaction of various stakeholders. Our aim is to highlight the latest in government schemes, technology upgrade, cultivation techniques, product variations, value additions, market development, quality feed, processing, transport, storage, etc.

Goa – India’s Best Seafood Destination

In Goa alone during 2014, the total marine fish production volume of Goa reached 1,28,107 tonnes, which is the highest catch in the past decade. The local demand is tremendous and fish is being exported from Goa to China, United States of America, UAE and the European Union.

Today the catch and exports is many times higher. But, in 2014 itself, the tonnes of fish and fishery products exported by Goa included –

  • 11,411 tonnes of mackerels
  • 2,165 tonnes of shrimps
  • 4,817 tonnes of fresh cuttlefish
  • 4,583 tonnes of squids
  • 5,445 tonnes of ribbon fish

Statistics have also revealed that there is also a good market for dry fish colloquially known as kharrem having sold 1,400 tonnes. While the total Goan marine fish production in 2005 was 1,03,087 tonnes, it was 1,28,107 tonnes in 2014. Thus compared with a decade ago, the 2014 total production data shows an increase by 24.2%. In terms of exports, compared to 11,002 tonnes exported in 2005 and 40,365 tonnes exported in 2014, there has been an rise in exports by 266.8% increase.

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